Registration for the Foreign Language Courses

How can I register for a language course?

The registration for the language courses proceeds via Jogustine - Studies - Modules/Courses - Registration - Module/Course registration - Additional qualifications.

Who has to take the placement test?

If you have prior knowledge in English, French, Spanish and Italian, you have to take a placement test. If you have any international certificates which are not older than 2 years (except Cambridge Certificates), or have completed one of the language courses at the ISSK, then you don't need any placement test anymore. All you need is a copy of the certificate as your proof to participate in the course.

How does the placement test look like?

The test consists of single-choice-questions or of C-questions (a sequence of short gap texts). How the test is carried out exactly will be explained by the test supervisors. The texts deal with general topics - subject-specific vocabulary will not be part of them. Your result will be noted on your application form which you will be given.

The placement test is carried out on a computer and will take up to 35 minutes. After the time has expired, the test ends automatically. I

When does the placement test take place?

The placement test takes place in the induction week, that is the week before the actual classes begin on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Normally, this is in the mid of April or the mid of October. The specific dates can be deduced under “Downloads” on the right.

 Do I have to register for the placement test?

No, there is no need to register. You only need to have an active ZDV-account and a matriculation number. Please bring your matriculation number/student card to the test. If you are a student of University of Applied Sciences, you'll receive a guest account for the test.

Can I prepare for the test?

Yes, you can familiarize yourself with the format of the C-test. The electronic demo-version is accessible for everyone (see right column in the Download section). Follow the instructions for your personal C-test. Your result will be displayed immediately afterwards.

 Consultation after the placement test

After the test, your result will be noted on your application form by a test supervisor. If you're happy with your test result, then you need to register yourself for the course via Jogustine. In case you're not happy with the result, you'll have a chance to have an oral test right away.

I cannot attend the first session – what now?

In this case, please contact the instructor or the respective coordinator of your language as soon as possible. Otherwise you will lose your claim for the course.