Entrance Exam

How does the entrance exam look like?

The entrance exam is an electronic test. With its completion the applicant proves his or her knowledge of the German language on level B2 in accordance with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) as well as the necessary subject-specific knowledge, which are the prerequisites for a successful attendance of specialized courses.

The exam consists of a written part in the subject German and another written part in specialized subject.


Spezialized Course Entrance Exam


  • German
  • Linguistics
(Life Sciences)
  • German
  • Biology
(Mathematical Sciences)
  • German
  • mathematics
(Social and Economic Sciences) 
  • German
  • Mathematics



Electronic entrance exam in German: onDaF (as of autumn term 2016)

The electronic entrance exam tests the German knowledge before the admission to the ISSK (International Preparatory and Language Center). The German proficiency level B2 is expected.

The exam is conducted electronically with the help of the onDaF system (online placement test for German as a foreign language).

You do not need special computer skills to take the test. You merely have to know how a keyboard and a mouse work. Everything else works automatically.

The onDaF test consists of eight exercises. Each exercise comprises a gap text with exactly 20 gaps. For each text, you have a maximum of five minutes. In total, the test takes 40 minutes.

Click here for further information: http://www.ondaf.de.

Please register before (!) taking the entrance exam under www.ondaf.de > “Teilnehmer-Login” (user login) > “Registrierung”. Unter “Hilfe” (help) you can find the German and English description of the registration procedure in the user portal. Please bring your user name and the password of your registration to the test. You will need it for booking the exam. The booking will proceed at the day of the exam, where you will also receive a TAN.